Qualitative and quantitative analysis requires: Sound methods and great sample selection while a reflective analysis provides insights needed.

CLICK on IMAGE - DrKPI - Top 100 law blogs.Summary: We published a #DrKPI Top 100 law blogs for 2015.
Now, we present English-speaking North America’s Top 100 law blogs in 2017.
Critical findings
1. Some law firm blogs are into broadcasting; reader engagement and dialogue is lacking.
2. Some in the top 100 are real gems, providing readers with real insight.
More different top rankings available in English or in German.

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Keep this list handy.

Who dominates the law blog scene?

Blog posts discussing court rulings and what they mean for firms, clients, consumers, etc. are of considerable interest to readers. They also offer firms a more personal method of communication, and most importantly, foster dialogue with readers.

Others who write about the firm and not so much about issues clients care about do not stir their target audience’s interest.

Interesting read: The no-bullsh*t guide to better blogging

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We publish DrKPI BlogRank lists for various blog types (learn more on the website).

These numbers can be at your fingertips; just bookmark this entry, Top 100 legal blogs for Canada and the US in 2017, and you are all set.

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DrKPI BlogRank 100 best law blogs: USA and Canada – PDF File  – 3 pages – 250 KB

Every year the road to the Law Blog Hall of Fame is littered with companies that once had a successful blog, but stumbled in the preceding 12 months. If you decide to have a corporate blog in your law practice, be sure to plan for the long haul.

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CLICK on IMAGE - DrKPI - Top 100 law blogs.

1. Reader Engagement: You have to really search for it

There are a few blogs that get reader comments, as the DrKPI Reader Influence ranking shows.

Unfortunately, the vast majority get very few if any readers to take the time to comment. If our entries elicit no response from our readers, how relevant is our material to our target audience?

2. Reader Dialogue: Non-existent for all practical purposes

Most authors fail to reply to their readers. That definitely applies to the top 100 law blogs in the US and Canada.

However, think about this for a minute. If you do not reply to readers‘ comments, what are you telling your readers? That you care about them taking the time to comment? Not likely.

Besides, how can you have a dialogue with your readers if you do not reply to their comments?

3. Social sharing: Where is the resonance?

Some blogs do quite well when we look at social sharing, especially on Facebook and even LinkedIn. However, their followers rarely if ever reply / comment regarding their entry.

This raises the question: If your newly published content shared on Facebook or LinkedIn fails to elicit a response, does anybody even see your content on these platforms? [/su_box]

While a few things can go wrong with a law blog, great legal bloggers do these 3 things very well.

[su_box title=“The 100 top legal blogs: 3 things successful bloggers do better“ box_color=“#86bac5″ title_color=“#ffffff“ radius=“5″ width=“px 700″ ]

CLICK on IMAGE - DrKPI - Top 100 law blogs.

1. Focus less on your brand – dialogue with your readers instead.

Your client may be facing criminal charges or Brexit will impact your client’s London staff from EU countries.

Both stories can be covered. But you have to do it in some depth. Moreover, your blog entry must address the issues from the perspective of your potential client.

For instance, how can I ensure that I get a mortgage even though my residency status is in limbo until the EU and Prime Minister May have figured out their divorce settlement in two years? Or, what could this new law mean for companies working with health care data?

How our firm will do a great job handling the case is secondary at best. How the client’s problem can be solved is what matters.

2. Narrow focus with depth VERSUS wider focus with less depth.

I think this can be handled well either way.

For instance, you can cover whatever the Supreme Court of California has on the docket. Another option would be to cover legal developments or court cases pertaining to data security, privacy and compliance.

In both cases it is obvious that you have narrowed your focus. Thus, you can cover it in more depth. Something most search engines like.

3. Keep in mind, most people will find your blog with their smartphone.

Have you had a chance to talk to your favourite lawyer recently? If your answer is yes, they surely had their smartphone nearby. Right?

Like your lawyer, you probably first look at content by checking it on your smartphone screen.

This requires short paragraphs, subtitles, and good text structuring. In turn, your reader can quickly scan the information before deciding to spend the time reading it in more depth.

Check your favourite Law Blog on your smartphone. Chances are that it is cumbersome to navigate.


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Bottom line: Have your say – join the conversation

Source: Best 100 Law Blogs: US and Canada

While the top law blogs do well on most dimensions of our DrKPI BlogRank, things already take a nosedive after the first twenty or so.

Social Media means that you are trying to be social, personable and authentic. If you want to broadcast how good an expert you are, get yourself booked on talk shows or news programs.

Finally, remember, most people cannot or do not want to be bothered dealing with an RSS feed. So give them the option to get your content via email.

What is your opinion?

– What is your favourite law blog?
– If you are a law blogger, what is the greatest challenge you face writing for your blog?
– What is the reason you decided to blog on your company’s law blog? Do you enjoy it?

More about DrKPI BlogRank – the Hit Parade

Declaration of Conflicting Interests

The author declares that he had no conflict of interest with respect to the content, authorship or publication of this blog entry.

[su_box title=“2017 Top 100 Legal Blogs“ box_color=“#86bac5″ title_color=“#ffffff“ radius=“5″ width=“px 700″ ]
We did not just gather the 100 law blogs we liked best.

Instead, our DrKPI® BlogRank picked those that feature the most informative, knowledgeable and experience driven insights, using objective indicators.

We also analyse writing style and visual effects, as well as how much reader engagement, dialogue and ripple is generated by marketing content published on the blog.

100 is the highest possible grade for each indicator. The average within the group of blogs being ranked or all blogs (see table above) is 50.

This post is also available in: Englisch

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